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Christian Prophet Announces That Hurricane Dorian a 'False Flag' and a 'Declaration of War Against the People'


Christian Prophet Announces That Hurricane Dorian a 'False Flag' and a 'Declaration of War Against the People'
The MC Files

As Hurricane Dorian continues to move toward the United States, self-proclaimed prophet Mark Taylor and conspiracy theorist Chris McDonald are saying the entire hurricane is a false flag.

On The MC Files, McDonald claimed coverage of the hurricane is a false flag to distract Americans from the recent announcement by the Justice Department that former FBI Director James Comey would not be charged for leaking memos related to President Donald Trump to the press.

Watch below:

“When you get these stories and all of a sudden—boom—you’ve got an almost Category 6 storm,” McDonald said. "It does not take a genius to figure out it’s called a distraction and it’s called a false flag.”

Taylor agreed:

"The hordes of chaos have been released, Satan's pastors have been activated. We're seeing all these things happening right now, like you said, the storms, the shootings...They know what's coming...That hurricane right there, that is a declaration of war against the people."

People were confused, to say the least.

Taylor has claimed in the past that "patriots will rise up and say, ‘Enough is enough,’ and they will take matters into their own hands and they will drag [Democrats'] dead bodies through the streets" if the Justice Department takes too long to arrest them.

But when it rains, it pours. Hurricane Dorian is bringing out other false prophets and conspiracy theories.

From "prophet" Kat Kerr...

To QAnon.

Dorian is expected to hit the US coast on Tuesday evening.


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