Emmanuel Macron Pledges to Cover U.S. Share of U.N. Climate Science Research Funding

In July, France lead the way with a historic announcement regarding fossil fuels, announcing they will end the sales of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040 as part of its plan to honor the Paris Climate Accord. France is the first nation in the European Union to set a time limit for phasing out gas and diesel entirely.

Macron also released a video inviting American climate scientists to come to France, with the promise of support and millions in funding, to help battle and reverse climate change.

On the other hand, Trump’s decision to withdraw support was met with widespread criticism. An official in Macron’s cabinet said Trump is “for the time being” not invited to the climate change summit scheduled to be held next month in France, hosted by Macon, to discuss climate finance. The December 12 summit will include 100 countries and nongovernmental organizations, including Americans who defy Trump.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel praised an alliance of U.S. states, cities and companies called “America’s Pledge” to compensate for Trump’s decision. “I welcome this as it highlights the importance of climate protection in large parts of the U.S. regardless of the decision by President Trump to leave the Paris accord,” she said.

Former United States vice president and climate science advocate Al Gore tweeted his appreciation of Macron: “Thanks to President Macron for pledging to replace U.S. climate science funding. While you step up to fill the leadership void left by the Trump administration, America’s citizens, businesses, states & cities stand with you to meet our #ParisAgreement goals.”

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