READ: Lindsey Graham Tweets ‘When It Comes to Radical Islam, a Border Wall Is Our Last Line of Defense’


Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) confused Twitter users yesterday when he tweeted about a border wall to defend against “radical Islam.”

While President Donald Trump—with whom Graham often allies himself—works to rally support for a border wall and also leans heavily on tropes to stoke fears of Islamist terror, the two are unrelated.

Graham decided to follow Trump’s lead but conflated the two.

Trump claims the border wall is necessary to keep immigrants from South and Central America and Mexico from increasing the crime rate in the United States (these fears are unfounded). Meanwhile, one of the biggest catalysts of Islamist terror—ISIS—has greatly diminished. Trump has even said it’s destroyed (it’s not).

So what is Graham talking about? Twitter found his tweet extremely deserving of mockery.

While it’s unclear why Graham associated the wall at the Southern border with Islamist terror, it didn’t stop users from voicing their opinions on a crucial foreign policy decision recently made by Trump, which Graham decried.

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