The Lights In the White House Went Out Right As Donald Trump Was Walking Back His Helsinki Comments, and the Internet Can't Believe Its Luck

Lights begin to dim at the White House as President Donald Trump speaks to the press about insults leveled at U.S. intelligence agencies. (@JordanUhl/Twitter)

Tuesday, President Donald Trump attempted to walk back his disparaging remarksboth on Twitter Sunday and in Helsinki Monday—about the United States in general and U.S. intelligence agencies in particular.

But after stating he had "a full faith in our intelligence agencies," the lights at the White House dimmed and then went out.

Some online claim it is karmic retribution.

While others are claiming divine intervention.

Trump began by stating to the assembled reporters,

Let me begin by saying that once again, full faith and support for America’s intelligence agencies. I have a full faith in our intelligence agencies."

"Whoops, they just turned off the light. That must be the intelligence agencies," the President mocked.

While the cause is likely far more earthbound and electrical, Trump is by no means alone in making light of the timing of the mini-blackout.

Some of the jokes are a bit more pointed than others, however.

Some pointed out the President's body language.

But that timing...

Others could not get over how perfectly timed that was.

Some people see a potential conspiracy...

But most people just thought it was a funny coincidence begging to be made fun of.

Whether it was the result of a storm, as some claim, or someone forgot to pay the electric bill, either way the day the lights went out in Washington DC was memorable.

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