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Democratic Congressman Just Savagely Trolled Donald Trump With a Mock Memo Explaining Which Sources He Should Trust and Which He Shouldn't


After another series of attacks by President Donald Trump against the 17 agencies and organizations of the United States Intelligence community, politicians, pundits and even people outside the government questioned the implications of a President who disregards the evidence and advice of intelligence experts any time they contradict his rhetoric and false claims.

California Democratic Representative Ted Lieu offered some guidance to the President over reliable and unreliable sources of information.

He posted on Twitter:

"Dear [President of the United States]: Many people say you get your facts from fictional sources. We are concerned you may not understand the difference between our intelligence agencies and movies/entertainment shows. Here is a memo that explains the difference."

In the memo, Lieu cited the FBI, CIA and NSA as reliable and Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Russian President Vladimir Putin and the film Sicario as unreliable. The reference to Sicario is based on the President's repeated citing of scenes from the film as the reality of human trafficking despite no actual documented cases to match.

Here's the memo.


People found the memo hilarious and sad in equal measure.

Although some Trump supporters/conspiracy theory advocates felt Putin and a Hollywood film were more reliable than the CIA.

However they were quickly corrected.

They raised the issue of the President's birther comments regarding President Barack Obama throughout the 44th President's two terms in office.

And one person tried to put the entire thing into perspective. While the US Intelligence community made errors in the past, judging the entirety by selective events to support someone with a worse track record is illogical.

Some people offered additional suggestions for the "unreliable" sources.

While one person offered a possible solution for the disconnect between President Trump and the intelligence community.