READ: Paul LePage Says ‘White People Will Not Have Anything to Say. It’s Only Going to Be the Minorities That Would Elect’


During his tenure as the Governor of Maine, Tea Party Republican Paul LePage made national news several times for his casually racist comments—he once referred to “people of color or people of Hispanic origin” as “the enemy right now.” And he has slowed down none since leaving office.

Now living in Florida, LePage frequently calls in or guests on conservative radio and TV programs like the Ingraham Angle.

While speaking on WVOM’s morning radio show this week, LePage made the case against a new bill before the Maine legislature. Maine plans to join several states in having the popular vote determine the President instead of the electoral college.

LePage’s argument against this?

The electoral college is a tool of White supremacy used to make sure White people determine presidential elections and must be maintained so minorities do not get to pick Presidents.

LePage stated:

“Actually what would happen if they do what they say they’re gonna do is White people will not have anything to say. It’s only going to be the minorities that would elect. It would be California, Texas, Florida.”

He added the popular vote is an “insane process” and warned Whites “we’re gonna be forgotten people” unless the electoral vote is maintained.

While his honesty about his view of the role of the electoral vote versus popular vote was refreshing for some…

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