READ: Max Boot Writes in The Washington Post: ‘Kim Jong Un Has Played Trump Like a Stradivarius’


Back in April, before the summit with North Korea, President Donald Trump told reporters that the United States had been played by “like a fiddle” in the past by North Korea because it had a “different kind of leader.” Trump vowed at the time that North Korea was not playing and he would not be played.

But Max Boot, an author, consultant, editorialist, lecturer and military historian claims otherwise. In an opinion piece in The Washington Post, Boot states,

Actually, Trump has been played from the start — and he’s the only one who doesn’t know it. His dealings with North Korea have been a master class in self-deception.”

In a scathing commentary, Boot takes on both Trump and Kim.

“Trump agreed on the spur of the moment to meet with Kim, thereby putting the dictator of this two-bit police state on the same level as the U.S. president, without any guarantee that he would get anything in return.”

Boot also fired a few salvos at Republicans in congress.

“…his groupies in Congress nominated him for a Nobel Peace Prize.”

Boot also pointed to how the president began to publicly take credit for accomplishments in March related to a summit that would not even happen until June. With all of the online boasts in the months leading up to the summit, North Korea gained an advantage that allowed them to ensure the meeting would occur on their terms.

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