Kellyanne Conway’s Husband George Conway Deletes Tweets Critical of Donald Trump

That’s not how the Internet works.

George Conway, the husband to White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, began purging his Twitter feed of posts and reweets critical of President Donald Trump. When asked why, he responded simply “no reason.”

George, a Washington lawyer originally considered for multiple Justice Department posts early in the formation of the Trump administration, became a frequent indirect critic of Trump on Twitter. George previously confirmed @gtconway3d is his personal Twitter account.

Among the Tweets deleted was one referencing replacing the resigned Hope Hicks as White House Communications Director was more difficult because of the employer.

Kellyanne Conway George Conway Tweets Donald Trump criticism

George’s wife is reportedly on the shortlist to fill the vacant position.

Pundits and observers accused Mr. Conway of trolling the president for an unknown reason, although some did speculate. George denies the trolling claim.

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