WATCH: Andrew Feinberg asks Kellyanne Conway about Trump’s Racist Tweets, She Responds: ‘What Is Your Ethnicity?’


The outcry against President Donald Trump’s racist tweets urging four congresswomen of color to “go back” to their countries continues to rage.

After Trump doubled down on his comments, White House counsellor Kellyanne Conway was in full spin mode. Breakfast Media’s Andrew Feinberg asked Conway which countries the congresswomen—three of whom were born in the United States and all of whom are American citizens—should return to.

Conway’s response was jolting.

Watch below:

Conway asked:

“What’s your ethnicity?”

A stunned Feinberg responded:

“Um, why is that relevant?”

After asserting that her ancestors were from Ireland and Italy, Conway implied that Trump was referring to the countries the congresswomen are descendants of.

Pressed by Feinberg, Conway evaded the question:

“A lot of us are sick and tired of this country – of America coming last, to people who swore an oath of office.”

The two later took the debate to Twitter.

Conway’s “defense” wasn’t well-received.

To make developments even more interesting, Conway’s husband—Trump critic George Conway—published an op-ed in the Washington Post condemning Trump’s remarks:

Naiveté, resentment and outright racism, roiled in a toxic mix, have given us a racist president. Trump could have used vile slurs, including the vilest of them all, and the intent and effect would have been no less clear. Telling four non-white members of Congress — American citizens all, three natural-born — to “go back” to the “countries” they “originally came from”? That’s racist to the core.”

It doesn’t seem Kellyanne will be backing down any time soon.

In an appearance on Fox News immediately after, Kellyanne Conway claimed the congresswomen of color Trump railed against represent a “dark underbelly” of America. She claimed the congresswomen—two of whom are Muslim—are “palling around with terrorists.”

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