READ: Will Dreher, Bridget Fahey and Rakim Brooks Write They Are ‘Deeply Troubled by Those Allegations and the Events Surrounding Them’

Having second thoughts.

While preparing for his confirmation process, Brett Kavanaugh—President Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court—gathered endorsements from friends, colleagues and former employees.

However some of those people changed their minds after witnessing Kavanaugh’s testimony or hearing the allegations against him.

The latest people to change their endorsement are three former Kavanaugh law clerks: Will Dreher, Bridget Fahey and Rakim Brooks. Dreher, Fahey and Brooks wrote a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee giving their full endorsement and supporting Kavanaugh’s nomination.

But the three penned a new letter for the Senate Judiciary Committee as the full Senate prepares to vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

In their new letter, Dreher, Fahey and Brooks expressed being “deeply troubled” by the sexual assault allegations against their former boss. the three also stated they felt troubled by the circumstances surrounding the allegations, namely the drunken underage partying described.

Kavanaugh had at times in his testimony denied ever drinking while underage, but also admitted to liking beer while not directly acknowledging ever getting drunk while in high school or college.

His former clerks told the Senate in their new letter that they fully support a full FBI investigation into their one time boss. They wrote:

“We write to clarify that, like many Americans, we have been deeply troubled by those allegations and the events surrounding them and were encouraged by the initiation of a formal FBI investigation.”

“We hope, for the good of everyone involved, that the investigation will be independent and thorough.”

Read their full letter here.

Reactions to Kavanaugh’s vanishing endorsements were swift on social media.

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