READ: Kansas Department of Transportation Tweets (then Deletes) ‘You’re a Delusional Communist. You Know It’s Communist Countries That Try to Control Media, Right?’

Well now.

The Kansas Department of Transportation has fired one of its employees after they used the organization’s Twitter account to refer to President Donald Trump as “a delusional communist” in response to criticisms of the media that he tweeted over the weekend.

“Today a KDOT employee sent a tweet from our SC Kansas KDOT Twitter account. The tweet has been deleted from the KDOT account as it does not reflect the views of KDOT or the Administration and was an unacceptable use of state communication tools,” said Kansas Transportation Secretary Julie Lorenz in a statement to The Wichita Eagle.

Kansas Republican Representative J.R. Claeys questioned the DOT’s decision to fire the employee, saying they were “fired for being against Communism.”

The tweet from Trump was one of many heated messages he tweeted over the weekend.
He had criticized Fox News weekend anchors Arthel Neville and Leland Vittert, saying they’d been “trained by CNN” prior to their ratings collapse. Although Fox is the president’s network of choice, he has responded angrily to any stories critical of him or his administration.

One feature of Communist states is the existence of state-sponsored media organizations, including writers, journalists, and other professionals. Trump has proposed creating a state-run media organization more than once. To that end, many don’t necessarily disagree with the freshly terminated Kansas DOT employee’s assessment of the president’s behavior, and they note that the president has said far more inflammatory things using his own social media account.

In November 2018, Trump proposed a state-run television network to “show the World the way we really are, GREAT!”

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