WATCH: Senator Kamala Harris Asks Brett Kavanaugh Whether He’s Spoken About the Mueller Probe With Anyone at Kasowitz, Benson & Torres

Quite the standoff.

Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) didn’t hold back on Wednesday when it was her turn to question President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

The Senator, who has served as California’s Attorney General and as a public prosecutor, showed that cross-examinations were her specialty.

Harris began by focusing on the Russia investigation under Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller, asking Kavanaugh if he’d ever discussed the case with anyone. When Kavanaugh replied that he’d spoken of it with other judges, Harris asked if he’d spoken with anyone at Kasowitz, Benson & Torres, the law firm founded by Trump’s personal lawyer Marc Kasowitz.

Kavanaugh stammered as Harris warned him: “Be very careful with your answer, sir.”

Kavanaugh asked if the senator was thinking of a specific person, and if she could refresh his memory, to which the senator replied:

With all that you remember, you have an impeccable memory, you’ve been speaking for almost eight hours, maybe more with this committee, about all sorts of things you’ve been asked, How can you not remember whether or not you had a conversation about Robert Mueller or his investigation with anyone at that law firm?”

Harris’s unwavering line of questioning garnered praise across social media.

Her assurance during the exchange led some to believe she knows something the public doesn’t.

Kavanaugh asked if the senator was thinking of a specific person, to which she replied:

I think you’re thinking of someone and you don’t want to tell us.”

It was far from the only tense moment of Harris’s questioning.

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