READ: Kamala Harris Tweets ‘You Know What’s a Threat? Gun Violence. It Kills on Average 96 People Every Day’

When they go low…

Conservative Spokeswoman for the National Rifle Association Dana Loesch railed against 2020 Presidential candidate and current Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) on NRA TV.

Loesch insisted that Harris is a “socialist” and an “existential threat” to the right of Americans to bear arms.

Watch below:

Loesch then asked viewers to donate to the National Rifle Association, calling it “the one organization powerful enough to disrupt the socialist plans to disarm America,” and “the one organization that she fears.”

Harris, who recounts learning to use her gut as a prosecutor in her recent memoir The Truths We Hold, didn’t hesitate to confront Loesch.

There have been approximately 35 mass shootings since the beginning of 2019, so many Americans rallied behind Harris’s response.

Loesch, however, was right about one thing.

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