WATCH: Alex Jones Says in Deposition: ‘I Myself Have Almost Had…a Form of Psychosis in the Past Where I Basically Thought Everything Was Staged’

Sounds legit.

During questioning,  Jones wavered between playing dumb and outright denial of his own recorded and broadcast statements.

Referring to Jones’ pre-trial hearing in his 2017 child custody case, Bankston referred to Jones’ lawyer’s claims that in his on-air persona, Jones was just a “performance artist.”

Bankston asked:

“So I want to ask you, I want to know. When you were making these claims about Sandy Hook, were you being a journalist, or was this all performance art?”

Jones replied:

“When I say things on air, I believe it.”

You can read the full deposition on Scribd here.

You can watch the full deposition part 1…

…and part 2.

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