WATCH: David Jolly Calls Out Melania Trump: ‘This Was a Political Message Where She Said I Don’t Care’

Good point.

“This was an unforgivable moment for the first lady and the first family,” Jolly stated on MSNBC. “Not just because of what happened in the initial moment where, ‘Wow, did she wear this?’ and there was intrigue. And, frankly, I was one who dismissed it the first time we saw it, as she was departing.”

But to wear it on her return affirmed that this was a political message. This was not a fashion statement. This was a political message where she said ‘I don’t care’.”

“And I don’t care, personally as David Jolly, how the White House tries to manipulate this,” he continued.

She was going to the border, where her husband has ripped families apart, wearing a jacket that said ‘I don’t care’.”

It is an unforgivable moment for Melania as the first lady, but also for the president of the United States, and she does not deserve latitude on this because she doubled-down on it after questions were asked.”

Jolly did a bit of doubling-down of his own on social media where he reaffirmed his stance on Twitter.

One Twitter user asked a question many others have and Jolly answered.

Meanwhile President Donald Trump took to his own Twitter account claiming the jacket was a message, despite Melania Trump’s spokesperson saying there was no message at all.

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