READ: John Dean Tweets ‘Trump’s Not Only Incompetent He’s Actually a Wuss. Like Most Bullies He’s a Coward’


With the 17 investigations targeting him and constant denials that seem to only confirm guilt, President Donald Trump is often compared to the only President ever to resign from office: Richard Nixon.

Nixon’s presidency was brought down after he lied about the break-in of the Democratic National Committee headquarters in order to prevent an investigation about his involvement.

Now, Nixon’s White House Counsel during that time, John Dean, is savagely calling out the President saying:

“Trump’s not only incompetent he’s actually a wuss. Like most bullies he’s a coward.”

Dean was fired by Nixon as the White House Counsel and eventually testified to prosecutors regarding Nixon’s role in the matter.

Twitter echoed Dean’s sentiments.

Many were worried about Trump’s state of mind as comeuppance for his corruption appears to be closing in.

Dean’s experience with Watergate coupled with the many comparisons of Trump to Nixon has led Dean to weigh in on these matters before.

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