Jimmy Kimmel Says ‘But the Best Part of the Tweet From Our Stable Genius Leader Is That He Misspelled Gillian Turner’


President Donald Trump made headlines earlier this week after he lashed out at Fox News and accused correspondents John Roberts and Gillian Turner of spreading “fake news” when they reported his most recent poll numbers.

But what you see above isn’t the first iteration of that tweet. Trump deleted and corrected his first tweet after misspelling “Gillian Turner” as “Jillian Turner” and inadvertently attacking a 15-year-old California high school student.

Trump’s error inspired television host Jimmy Kimmel’s opening monologue, in which he assailed the president for dragging an innocent party into his beef with his favored media outlet.

“Wow,” Kimmel said. “Donald Trump attacking Fox News is like Trader Joe attacking the Fearless Flyer. It’s unheard of.'”

“But the best part of the tweet from our stable genius leader is that he misspelled Gillian Turner,” he added, noting that “the Gillian Turner from Fox News spells Gillian with a ‘G.’”

The president’s “trademark haste,” Kimmel said, resulted in his “accidental tweeting at Jillian Turner with a ‘J,’ who turns out to be a teenager from Weed, California, which is where he should be living by the way.”

Jillian Turner was, as you can imagine, taken aback.


And she wasn’t happy about it.


She also set her profile to private mode to avoid attacks.

Although the president did delete his original tweet, many expressed their sympathies for the teenager.

You can watch Kimmel’s opening monologue here.

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