READ: James Woods Tweets ‘Think It’s Safe to Say She Has Sucked at Way More Than Two Things’


Donald Trump Jr. and fellow conservative, actor James Woods, lashed out at comedian and activist Chelsea Handler with childish, sexist tweets Tuesday night.

Handler, a vocal critic of the Trump administration, tweeted that she couldn’t wait for Don Jr. to flip on his father–referring to the investigation of possible conspiracy with Russia during the 2016 campaign.

To which Don Jr. replied:

Fact is, Handler’s Netflix show wasn’t canceled, she chose to leave it to pursue activism in protest of the current administration.

That didn’t stop James Woods, who has been known to be an avid Trump booster, from adding kerosene to what was already kind of a dumpster fire.

And Don Jr., possibly taking a page from his father’s book, agreed.

While Handler didn’t honor the idiotic comments with a response, swathes of people jumped to her defense, including comedian Kathy Griffin and activist Dan Savage.

Some pointed out the hypocrisy.

And other users weren’t afraid to bring out the snark.

Handler has been a favorite target of Republicans since the Trump era inspired the comedian to heighten her activism. Her characteristic irreverence has made her a formidable rival when it comes to sparring with words.

She’s frequently remarked on efforts to combat misogyny:

“Use your voice. Be vocal. Women fought for us for years, and years, and years, so that we would have the rights that we do. Not using your voice is an assault on them and what they did for us. The results of this election is a result of what happens when you don’t show up and when you don’t use your voice. If you’re happy with the way things are, then great, but I can’t imagine that anyone who’s bringing a child into this world would be happy with this situation.”

Handler recently announced that she’s working on a new Netflix series addressing white privilege. Meanwhile, James Woods is becoming more famous for his Twitter than his acting work.

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