WATCH: Ivanka Trump on Donald Trump’s Family Separation Policy: ‘I Am Very Vehemently Against Family Separation’


Ivanka Trump appeared to break with her father, President Donald Trump, in a conversation with Axios 360 on Thursday.

She called her father’s policy of separating immigrant families “a low point” and insisted that she was “very vehemently against it.”

After her remarks, a familiar frustration with the president’s eldest daughter began to reemerge: If she was so against this policy, why didn’t she do more to rally against it?

Though it’s been reported she advised against the zero tolerance policy in private, she did not publicly come out against it until after her father begrudgingly signed an executive order abolishing it in June.

Even then, she praised her father for lifting it without mentioning that his administration mandated it in the first place.

Americans on social media weren’t going to let her off easy.

Others criticized that she referred to the policy as though its effects were over, when in fact, at least 650 children remain separated from their parents.

Ivanka Trump has a history of appearing tone-deaf in efforts to straddle both sides of a fence that, for many since her father’s election, no longer separates political ideologies, but moral ones.

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