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WATCH: Ivanka Trump Tells Abby Huntsman ‘My Job as a Member of This Administration Is Not to Share My Viewpoint When They Diverge’

Ivanka Trump administration job role White House adviser presidential adviser

Abby Huntsman interviews Ivanka Trump on The View (The View/YouTube)

Some accused the timing of the long awaited project from Ivanka Trump of conveniently coinciding with the President needing to distract voters.

Ivanka Trump’s official title is White House presidential adviser. As with the word complicit, which Ivanka Trump famously said she did not understand the meaning of…

…there seems to be a disconnect on the meaning of adviser.

According to Merriam-Webster, adviser means “a person who gives advice in a particular field.” But it seems Ivanka Trump thinks it means to publicly agree with everything the person you’re advising says and does.

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