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Ivanka Trump Was Asked Why She Didn't Speak Out Against Her Father's Child Separation Policy, and Her Response Was Peak Ivanka


Ivanka Trump Was Asked Why She Didn't Speak Out Against Her Father's Child Separation Policy, and Her Response Was Peak Ivanka
Abby Huntsman interviews Ivanka Trump on The View (The View/YouTube)

In an interview between Trump administration insider, Abby Huntsman of The View, and First daughter and Presidential adviser Ivanka Trump, few expected hard hitting questions.

And for the most part Huntsman—the daughter of President Donald Trump's current ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman Jr—lobbed softball questions at Trump's eldest daughter.

Until about five minutes into the over six minute long interview.

After lauding Ivanka Trump's accomplishments, Huntsman asked the first question that failed to portray Trump as a victim or a heroine. After outlining Trump's work slated to begin soon on the empowerment of women—a project that reportedly has been in the planning stage since Donald Trump's election—The View co-host asked:

"You know you’re going to have people watching that say, this sounds great, everyone can get behind women empowerment, but how does Ivanka Trump reconcile pushing an initiative that empowers women with policies from the White House like separation of families that was such an emotional thing for our country to go through?”

She continued:

“We didn’t hear from you, publicly, during that time. What do you say to those folks who are struggling with that?"

Trump's response was typical of her ongoing desire to have it both ways -- an "advisory" role in the White House that doesn't do much advising:

"My job as a member of this administration is not to share my viewpoint when they diverge."

Trump went on:

"My role in this regard is not to—is not to be president of all women’s issues or running all women’s issues across the United States government."

Watch the exchange here.

People had their own assessments of Ivanka Trump's White House role.

The President and his daughter also announced their new women's empowerment program, that took over two years to launch, on social media Friday.

But they got a less than supportive response.

Some accused the timing of the long awaited project from Ivanka Trump of conveniently coinciding with the President needing to distract voters.

Ivanka Trump's official title is White House presidential adviser. As with the word complicit, which Ivanka Trump famously said she did not understand the meaning of...

...there seems to be a disconnect on the meaning of adviser.

According to Merriam-Webster, adviser means "a person who gives advice in a particular field." But it seems Ivanka Trump thinks it means to publicly agree with everything the person you're advising says and does.