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People Are Relating Hard to Italian Translator's Facial Reactions as Donald Trump Rants During Oval Office Meeting With Italian President

ABC News

During a whirlwind day in Washington, President Donald Trump spoke to reporters in the Oval Office at a meeting with Italian President Sergio Mattarella.

It didn't exactly go well.

Over the course of the meeting, Trump ranted for the FBI to release the nonexistent Crowdstrike server, referred to President Mattarella as "President Mozzarella," and claimed that the relationship between Italy and the United States goes back "thousands of years."

Though Trump was making some wild claims, it was the Italian translator's reaction to them that stole the show.

Check it out.

Sadly, people could relate.

Her face was reminiscent of a certain young person sitting behind Trump at a rally last year.

The worst was yet to come. Trump would later have a meltdown in a closed-door meeting with Democrats and national security officials, his decision to pull out of Syria would be rebuked by a 354-60 vote, his letter to the Turkish President would become a national embarrassment, and a picture tweeted to shame House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would immediately backfire.

Fortunately for her, the translator wasn't around for all that.