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What Would the Internet Look Like Without Net Neutrality?

Our access to the Internet would change completely.
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This seems like an unimaginable concept to most Americans. If you pay for the Internet, why wouldn’t you have access to all of it?

But due to the actions of some corporations and Trump administration officials, net neutrality’s days are numbered in the United States. Instead of being seen as a public utility with the accompanying protections, they want it redefined as a product.

In 2014-2015, President Barack Obama’s administration voiced strong support for net neutrality rules, and in 2015, many were implemented. But in April President Donald Trump’s newly appointed FCC Chairman Pai proposed gutting the rules and asked for public reaction. Then in May, the gradual rollback of the Obama protections began.

Despite at least 22 million Americans voicing protest to policy changes, Pai intends to rule in favor of his former employers and other internet providers against the American people.

Generally, those supporting rollbacks are major companies that profit from them. Those advocating neutrality include human rights organizations, consumer advocates, and most of the public, about 77% of Americans.

If Pai’s plans continue, then companies or individuals able to pay more will get freer, faster, more inclusive internet service. This could further divide socioeconomic classes in America, with one class rich in money and information while the other remains poor in both. And knowledge is power.

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