PHOTOS: Photo of Incoming Class of House Democrats Is Much More Diverse Along Gender and Ethnic Lines Than Photo of Incoming House Republicans

Says it all.

The newly elected members of the House of Representatives—or at least those newly elected from the 427 seats that were decided thus far—went to Washington DC Wednesday for a freshman orientation of sorts. Among them were the largest number of women ever elected and several firsts.

Democrats Sharice Davids of Kansas and Deb Haaland of New Mexico became the first Native American women ever elected to Congress. Fellow Democrats Rashida Tlaib of Minnesota and Ilhan Omar of Michigan are the first Muslim women ever elected. Democrat Ayanna Presley became the first Black woman to represent Massachusetts.

As is customary, the freshman legislators took group and individual official photos.

Once those photos hit social media, people began to remark on a noticeable difference between the Republican and Democratic freshman classes.

A look back to 2016 showed the GOP equally “diverse.”

Once the disparity was pointed out, people had plenty to say about it.

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