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Hillary Clinton Trolled Donald Trump Ahead of His Meeting With Vladimir Putin and Trump Just Proved Her Point


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took a jab at President Donald Trump ahead of his Monday meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, using Twitter to question the president's loyalty to the United States in the hours before he attends a closed-door meeting with Putin in Helsinki, Finland.

In a Sunday evening tweet, Clinton asked Trump: "do you know which team you play for?"

As if proving Clinton's point, Trump took to Twitter hours later and blamed the United States for rising tensions between the U.S. and Russia.

Twitter users agreed with Clinton's point.

"Trump is on team Russia," one user wrote.

"He does," wrote one user. "And it isn't team USA."

And another asked Clinton if she'd be watching the "treason summit."

One follower pointed out that five Trump associates have been either indicted or have pleaded guilty to crimes uncovered by Mueller's investigation.

Clinton "got more votes...without Vladimir Putin."

And getting more votes didn't require "Russian propaganda."

Others said Trump would cancel the summit if he cared about American interests.

Clinton's charge that Russia wanted a "puppet" for president wasn't forgotten

The anti-Trump memes poured in as well.

Calls for the president to cancel the summit resounded after news of the indictments broke.

Law professor Jennifer Taub offered an explanation as to why Trump kept his meeting with Putin, despite the Justice Department's Friday announcement that Special Counsel Robert Mueller had indicted 12 Russian nationals for their roles in interfering with the 2016 presidential election.

"We need to think about this in the context of an ongoing white collar criminal investigation," Taub said.

Friday's indictments leave little to room to doubt that Russia "illegally interfered in our election to help Donald Trump and hurt Hillary Clinton."

Taub thinks Trump's meeting with Putin, in which only translators for each leader will be present, could be when the president "plans to deliver to Putin whatever it was he may have promised in exchange for this Russian assistance."

Taub's point? There may be an "ongoing conspiracy."