READ: Oregon Governor Kate Brown Tweets ‘I’ll Say No’ If Donald Trump Orders Her to Deploy OR National Guard to the Border

‘I’ll say no.’

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump signed a memorandum authorizing the deployment of Army National Guard forces to the United States border with Mexico. It is the latest variation on his campaign promised border wall.

The president struggled to secure funding for his wall, which is opposed by the majority of Americans.

He also proved unable to deploy active duty military to cover his campaign promise due to more pressing concerns facing the U.S. military.

During his presidential campaign, Trump famously claimed Mexico would pay for his border wall. Mexico unequivocally declined the request.

Out of options and desperate for a solution to a major campaign promise over a year after taking office, the president decided to deploy the National Guard.

However, each state maintains their own guard. While some governors have stated support for the president’s memo, not everyone is on board.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown says her answer is ‘no’.

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