READ: Rudy Giuliani Says ‘Mueller Should Be Investigated…for Allowing Those Text Messages From Strzok to Be Erased’


Presidential attorney Rudy Giuliani suggested that Special Counsel Robert Mueller should be investigated for destruction of evidence by allowing text messages from now-fired FBI official Peter Strzok and his lover, Lisa Page, to be erased in the Russia investigation.

“Mueller should be investigated for destruction of evidence for allowing those text messages from Strzok to be erased, messages that would show the state of mind and tactics of his lead anti-Trump FBI agent at the start of his probe,” Giuliani said during interviews with Hill.TV.

Giuliani’s comments came after the Justice Department said it found large gaps in the preservation of official government text messages between Strzok and Page. The inspector general dubbed it a “collection tool failure.” Strzok was removed from Mueller’s probe for sending text messages critical of the president; by the time his and Page’s phones were recovered, they’d been reset for others’ use, which the deputy attorney general told the inspector general is standard procedure.

“That should be investigated, damn it, that should be investigated fully. You want a special counsel, get one for that,” Giuliani said.

Giuliani further implied that the erasure was intentional, pointing to the erasure of a Watergate tape by Rose Mary Woods, a secretary to former President Richard Nixon.

“It’s actually worse than Rose Mary Woods,” he explained. “She erased less than 19 minutes of conversation, but the FBI got rid of more than 19,000 messages” between Strzok and Page.

Twitter wasted no time roasting Giuliani’s argument.

Although the president and Giuliani have suggested that Strzok’s text messages suggest he was supportive of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, Strzok helped write the letter informing Congress that the FBI would reopen its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while Secretary of State. Strzok wrote what appears to be the first draft of the letter former FBI Director James Comey sent to Congress. CNN obtained emails confirming Strzok’s involvement.

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