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In Bizarre Text Exchange, Rudy Giuliani Says He Wants to Sue 'The Swamp' and People Have Questions

Whatever you say, Rudy.

In Bizarre Text Exchange, Rudy Giuliani Says He Wants to Sue 'The Swamp' and People Have Questions
WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 30: Rudy Giuliani, former New York City mayor and current lawyer for U.S. President Donald Trump, speaks to members of the media during a White House Sports and Fitness Day at the South Lawn of the White House May 30, 2018 in Washington, DC. President Trump hosted the event to encourage children to participate in sports and make youth sports more accessible to economically disadvantaged students. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

It turns out Rudy Giuliani's strange ramblings aren't just limited to news network appearances.

Amid breaking stories of Trump's corrupt interactions with world leaders and fantasies of alligator-infested moats around the Southern border, Giuliani pledged to White House correspondent for The Atlantic, Elaina Plott, that he would sue "the swamp."

Read the exchange below.

Giuliani told plot he was looking for a "jaw [sic] suit" to end what he believes to be lawless action, though the impeachment inquiry launched against Trump last week was laid out by the Founding Fathers and is literally the law in action.

When Plott asked whom Giuliani was planning to sue, he simply responded:

"The Swamp

Trump v The Swamp"

In case you're fortunate enough to have steered clear of any Trump propaganda over the past four years, "the Swamp" is Trump's name for what he believes to be corrupt politicians in Washington, often working in tandem with the "fake news media." "Drain the Swamp" became one of the Trump campaign's hallmark slogans in 2016 and remains a mainstay within red cap rhetoric.

So the Swamp isn't one person or group. It's a tool Trump uses to sic his base on politicians and media personalities he finds unfavorable. So, Plott asked the question we were all thinking: "How do you sue The Swamp?"

Giuliani simply replied:

"In federal court"

Sadly, nonsensical assertions like these are par for the course for the man formerly known as "America's Mayor." In fact, Giuliani's ineptitude has done a wealth of work to inadvertently vindicate Trump's critics and humiliate his client.

People couldn't help but joke about Giuliani's typo.

Giuliani has been subpoenaed for documents by the three House committees overseeing Trump's impeachment inquiry after Giuliani said on national television that he asked Ukrainian officials to investigate the president's political rival, former Vice President Joe Biden. Giuliani then bragged on national television again that he had text messages to prove that he, a private citizen, was acting on behalf of the State Department in his dealings with Ukraine.

Come to think of it, maybe The Swamp isn't so theoretical after all.