WATCH: Geraldo Rivera Says ‘I Am Ashamed, This Tear Gas Choked Me’


After U.S. border agents deployed tear gas against migrants seeking asylum in the United States, Geraldo Rivera went on Fox News on Monday to speak some truth about the propagandistic way in which the network has covered the migrant caravan.

Rivera said the refugee crisis in Central America is not a “media issue” that “goes to my soul.”

He spoke passionately, saying:

“Filling my role as the designated pinata on Fox news, I am ashamed,” Rivera said, which was followed by someone in the studio saying “that’s racist.”


“this tear gas choked me. We treat these economic refugees as if they’re zombies from The Walking Dead…We have to deal with this problem humanely and with compassion. These are not invaders. Stop using these military analogies. This is absolutely painful to watch. We are a nation of immigrants. These are desperate people. They walked 2,000 miles, why, because they want to rape your daughter or steal your lunch?”

A choked-up Rivera continued:

“No! because they want a job. They want to fill the millions of unfilled jobs we have in the agricultural sector. They want to wash dishes in restaurants, they want to deliver pizzas.”

Rivera, shaken, concluded with a dire warning:

“How can we suspend our humanity with this issue?” he asked. “I fear it is because they look different than us.”

Watch the clip below:

Rivera’s impassioned statement echoed a tweet he posted Monday morning.

“The gassing of made me nauseous,” wrote Rivera. “Those images may play with the base, but they will also be a scar on our nation’s reputation. A hungry, frightened family will not stop trying to get to a better life. No, we can’t accommodate all, but we can be humane & compassionate.”

The tea — it was scalding.

Twitter cheered in solidarity with Rivera.

The “that’s racist” quip did not go unnoticed on social media, although Rivera ignored it.

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