READ: George Conway Calls Out Donald Trump’s ‘Ceaseless, Shameless, and Witless Prevarication on Virtually All Topics’


A few die-hard Trump supporters also engaged in some whataboutism on his Twitter post, making claims about Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama or other top Democrats.

However they were met with equal political meming, like stating Hillary Clinton met with a Russian agent during the 2016 campaign. The Russian agent being her opponent, Donald Trump.

Many of the respondents on the President’s tweet ignored his message and instead addressed issues they felt he—and his fellow Republicans—should focus on.

While some sought to make the same distinction for Trump that Conway did.

As for George Conway, the public reactions largely ranged from gratitude for his honesty to concern for his marriage.

While some got in their own correction for the President.

This is not the first time George Conway posted something unflattering about the President. He also frequently posts poor poll results and asides on the White House’s varied legal situations. As for his wife’s reaction, in a piece in The Washington Post about their relationship, when asked about her husband’s tweets, the White House counselor stated:

“It is disrespectful, it’s a violation of basic decency, certainly, if not marital vows.”

Then she asked the reporter to lie and say the quote came from “a person familiar with their relationship.” When the reporter refused, Conway changed her statement claiming it was not how she personally felt. She said:

“Well, people do see it this way. People do see it that way, I don’t say I do, but people see it that way. I feel there’s a part of him that thinks I chose Donald Trump over him. Which is ridiculous. One is my work and one is my marriage.”

According to the tell-all book by her former colleague, Trump referred to Kellyanne Conway’s half-Fillipino husband as “Fucking FLIP! Disloyal! Fucking Goo-goo.” which are racial slurs.

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