Mysterious Drones Have Completely Shut Down The U.K.’s Second-Largest Airport, and People Have Questions


At a time when travelers are embarking on journeys home for the holidays, the second largest airport in the United Kingdom—Gatwick Airport—has shut down due to sightings of drones flying overhead.

The drones have resulted in chaos affecting over 110,000 passengers, not to mention the diversion of numerous flights that were scheduled to land at Gatwick before the sightings. Those flights have diverted their landings to London’s Heathrow airport while some were forced to land other places in Europe. The airport isn’t expected to reopen until Thursday afternoon.

Prime Minister Theresa May assured that the culprits would face prison time:

“We’ve already passed legislation in relation to the use of drones, so it is now—as has been made clear—the activity we’ve seen is illegal and those who are caught endangering aircraft can face up to five years in prison.”

Watch below:

The British army is reportedly intervening to find the culprits.

But many were left wondering what this means for overall preparation if a small drone can bring the airport to a standstill.


The English may be known for their composure, but some were understandably about to lose it.

Despite the inconvenience, there were several jokes made.

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