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New Gallup Tracking Poll Confirms Downward Spiral of Trump's Approval Rating Since Meeting With Putin in Helsinki

The trend is clear.

President Donald Trump's polls have been on a downward spiral since his disastrous summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, where he sided with the Russian leader over his own intelligence agencies on whether or not Russia meddled with United States elections during the 2016 campaign.

First, we saw last week's Quinnipiac poll showing Trump falling to 38%.

And now we have the new Gallup poll, which shows Trump losing a net of 6 points in his approval rating since the July 16th Helsinki meeting, dropping to 40% approve and 55% disapprove:

The news comes after Trump recently bragged on Twitter about his numbers in an unspecified poll.

Many Americans aren't surprised at Gallup's findings, including Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA).

Others, however, are aghast that the numbers are so high.

However, Democrats shouldn't begin popping bottles just yet.Trump's Republican approval seems to be holding strong.

Axios reported last week that 79 percent of GOP voters approved of the president's performance in Helsinki, indicating that regardless of his actions, Trump's party support will remain steadfast.

Trump himself even (falsely) asserted that he had the highest poll numbers of any Republican since Abraham Lincoln.

Some on the Trump team appear to be taking advantage of the unyielding support of his base. On Monday, the president's head lawyer, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani took to Fox & Friends and made a startling assertion:

I have been sitting here trying to find collusion as a crime. Collusion is not a crime...Everything that's been released so far finds the president absolutely innocent. He didn't do anything wrong,” Giuliani added.

With the Trump base likely to accept the claims, it's likely GOP support will remain or even grow. Americans noticed and they were vexed to say the least, with many seeing it as an indication of what's expected to be revealed.

Though the Gallup poll may bolster some, his base may remain by his side regardless. Even if Special Counsel Mueller's so-called "Witch hunt," finds irrefutable evidence of collusion, this camel's back may be unbreakable.