GALLUP POLL: 47% Say They Are Extremely Proud to Be an American, the Lowest It’s Ever Been

Can you really blame them?

Some Republicans began to use the data to insinuate that Democrats are less loyal to America.

Political analyst Brit Hume of Fox News said outright that Democrats don’t even love the country in a now-deleted tweet.

He later acknowledged the error:

Posts like Hume’s led to conversations about the difference between loving one’s country and being proud of it. Many attributed their lack of pride to the current administration.

The United States has never been a perfect country, but morale, for many, is lower than ever. The trend has existed since before Trump’s campaign yet has accelerated since his inauguration. It will take a complete reversal for many to restore their pride, but most opinions indicate that their love for this country–and their willingness to improve it–is unwavering.

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