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Female Dragonflies Are Totally Faking Their Deaths

Thanatosis or the act of playing dead is common in insects. The female moorland ...

Why Koalas Are Suddenly Drinking Extra Water

Australian koalas are in danger due to dehydration, loss of habitat and disease much ...


A British Teenager Has Corrected a Mistake in NASA’s Data

A seventeen-year-old student found a mistake in NASA’s data from radiation detectors on the ...


Say It Ain’t So! Scientists Weigh In on the Five-Second Germ Rule

The five-second rule is a myth, says scientists. Bacteria contaminates dropped food upon contact.


Researchers Find Dogs Understand A Lot of What You Say

A new research study shows that dogs process the words we tell them separately ...


Could a Pill Kill Your Junk Food Cravings?

cientists have discovered a way to manipulate gut bacteria to increase the molecules that ...