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A British Teenager Has Corrected a Mistake in NASA’s Data

A seventeen-year-old student found a mistake in NASA’s data from radiation detectors on the ...


Say It Ain’t So! Scientists Weigh In on the Five-Second Germ Rule

The five-second rule is a myth, says scientists. Bacteria contaminates dropped food upon contact.


Researchers Find Dogs Understand A Lot of What You Say

A new research study shows that dogs process the words we tell them separately ...


Could a Pill Kill Your Junk Food Cravings?

cientists have discovered a way to manipulate gut bacteria to increase the molecules that ...


Anonymous Strikes ISIS Twitter Feed, Floods It With Gay Porn

[DIGEST: The Daily Dot, CBS] A member of the hacktivist group Anonymous has found ...

How The Red Menace Spawned a Christmas Tradition: The Story of the NORAD Santa Tracker

[DIGEST: NYTimes, NORADSanta, PaleoFuture] On December 24, families across the world will snuggle their ...