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WATCH: Attendee at White House ‘Celebration of America’ Event Takes a Knee During the National Anthem


READ: The Onion Responds to Michael Cohen Cease and Desist Letter From 2013, Offers ‘Quid Pro Quo’

In 2013, Michael Cohen, the embattled former attorney and fixer for President Donald Trump, sent an email to The Onion asking the satirical publication to “cease and desist” writing about Trump after it printed a column titled, “When You’re Feeling Low, Just Remember I’ll Be Dead In About 15 Or 20 Years.” ‘The Onion’ Has Finally … Continued

Fake Paper Inspired by ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ Episode 32, ‘Threshold’ Gets Accepted by Scientific Journal

A biologist tested whether so-called predatory journals, which charge researchers to publish their work without much real review, would really accept anything. Turns out, some will. His “experiment” on what happens to the body at “warp 10 speed” was based on a Star Trek: Voyager episode, but four journals accepted it, and one published.

Jimmy Kimmel Reveals None of New Online ‘Trump Store’ Merchandise Was Made in the US

“Buy American!” President Donald Trump and his family love to say. While it certainly has a nice ring to it, is there any truth behind their cheer? Late-night television host Jimmy Kimmel of Jimmy Kimmel Live! decided to put his money where the Trump family’s mouths are by purchasing merchandise from the Trump Store. Kimmel came to discover … Continued

National Cheese Lover’s Day 2018: Vegan Cheese Recipes

National Cheese Lover’s Day 2018 will take place on January 20. For the vegan cheese lovers out there – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. There are plenty of non-dairy, cheesy recipes out there for you to enjoy on this holiday. We’ve even included a gluten-free pizza recipe, because it’s important for all of us to get … Continued

National Cheese Lover’s Day 2018: The Best Cheese Recipes

Get your probiotics ready – the 2018 National Cheese Lover’s Day is here. Yes, this day, celebrated annually on January 20th, is acknowledged as a United States holiday according to Google. Not that any of us were arguing against having an excuse to collectively celebrate the key ingredient in pizza. There isn’t much information available … Continued

Florida Loses Years-Long Battle to Relabel Skim Milk ‘Imitation Milk’

A fight over supplementation of vitamin A makes it to the federal court of appeals.



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