READ: Fred Guttenberg Responds to Pete Hegseth: ‘How Dare You Mock This and Make a Joke of Her Murder and Other Victims of AR-15 Gun Violence’

Moving words.

Fred Guttenberg, the father of slain Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Jaime Guttenberg, blasted Fox News host Peter Hegseth for encouraging viewers to stock up on AR-15s, the type of weapon used in the Parkland, Florida massacre last year.

“Such easy, loose rhetoric of the left,” Hegseth said Sunday. “If I own an AR-15, stocks of gun companies probably will go up after things like this. Responsible gun owners recognize their right to own rifles like that. You can use ‘weapons of war’ or ‘assault ban’ all you want.”

“This will appeal to his base: young people who are uninformed about the difference between an automatic and semiautomatic rifle,” Hegseth continued. “But go out and get your second AR-15 today. Maybe it’s a good reason to do so.”

Guttenberg fired back on Monday with an emotional plea to gun enthusiasts like Hegseth to consider the danger posed by allowing civilians to own weapons that were previously outlawed in the United States.

“you miserable human being. My daughter was killed in school from a shooter who shot from across the hallway using his AR-15. Shot her in the back, severed her spinal cord, and killed her instantly along with 16 others. How dare you mock this and make a joke of her murder and other victims of AR-15 gun violence. Instead of joking that everyone should go out and buy an AR-15, how about acting responsibly and asking the question on how we can limit the real-life casualties. By the way, this is Jaime. She was killed by an AR-15.”

The grieving father continues to tug on the heartstrings of people who want to end the senseless plague of gun violence in America.

Hegseth was responding to remarks by Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke, who over the weekend tried to appease both sides of the ongoing gun debate.

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