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Father of Parkland Shooting Victim Just Powerfully Shamed Donald Trump for Saying the Military at the Border Should Consider a Rock the Same as a Firearm

Well said.

Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter Jaime was among those murdered in Parkland, Florida in February, blasted President Donald Trump for instructing U.S. troops to treat rocks thrown by migrants inside Mexico as if they were bullets being fired from rifles.

The president on Thursday said that members of the caravan have been "viciously and violently" throwing rocks at Mexican soldiers and that the American troops Trump plans on stationing along the border will not tolerate rock-throwing.

Trump described the band of asylum-seeking refugees marauding northward through Mexico as an "invasion" of "tough people" that "will not be allowed into the United States."

"They wanna throw rocks at our military? Our military fights back," Trump told reporters. "I told them to consider it a rifle. When they throw rocks like they did at the Mexican military and police, I say consider it a rifle."

Watch the president's remarks below:

This didn't sit well with Guttenberg.

"Trump, the AR 15 that killed my daughter is a firearm. A rock is not," Guttenberg tweeted on Thursday. "You are a seriously delusional and dangerous person who puts America at risk."

On Friday, Guttenberg tweeted at Trump again, this time posting a picture of himself with Jaime along with an emotional message to anyone who doesn't understand the difference between stones and guns.

"For those Trump thinks are stupid, I will explain the difference between a rock and rifle," Guttenberg wrote. "If Jaime were hit in the face with a rock, she would be bruised and I would help her heal. Because she was shot with a rifle, she was killed and I visit her at a cemetery. Any questions?"

Followers of Guttenberg on Twitter rushed to express their sympathies for his family as they continue to mourn the loss of Jaime, one of the 17 students and teachers murdered at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Guttenberg even fought back after a troll suggested he supported violence against the police.

Guttenberg has become a prominent opposing voice of the president and widely appreciated.

Trump wasn't spared additional pushback on social media because rocks are not rifles.

Instead of militarizing the border, many Americans think humanitarian aid should be the priority.

The migrant caravan is still several weeks away from the United States and the number of people within it has steadily decreased since the march began last month. The crowd is made up mainly of women and children seeking asylum in the United States.