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WATCH: Steve Doocy Says Robert Bowers ‘Thought the President Was a Globalist, He Did Not Vote for Him, He Never Owned a MAGA Hat’

Trump may not have stated a global Jewish conspiracy existed, but he and the GOP did promote conspiracy theories about George Soros bankrolling demonstrations against the President and GOP policies.

The shooter in Pittsburgh made many of the same claims.

Doocy mimicked an opinion piece from The Boston Herald written by conservative radio talk show host Howie Carr. Carr stated:

“…the alleged shooter hated Trump, thought he was a ‘globalist,’ didn’t vote for him, never owned a MAGA hat. You could look it up.”

However The Daily Beast columnist Jay Michaelson responded Trump is “almost certainly not” an anti-Semite, however:

“…he is either unwilling or unable to see how his vicious rhetoric against immigrants and Muslims supports a right-wing movement that also hates Jews. He is unwilling or unable to see how his furious midnight tweets and shouted insults at rallies encourage tens of millions of Americans to be enraged at the media, Hollywood, and ‘elites’—all of which, in anti-Semitic imagination, are disproportionately Jewish.”

Trump himself claimed he bore no responsibility for his past statements and chose to target the media again on Twitter.

However the majority of responses disagreed with the POTUS.

In addition to the 11 people murdered in Pittsburgh and the pipe bombs sent to critics of Trump, two African Americans were executed at a Kroger grocery store in Kentucky where a gunman targeted them because of their race.

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Amelia Mavis Christnot

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