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READ: Fox News Releases Statement In Response to Sean Hannity’s and Jeanine Pirro’s Appearance at Trump Rally: ‘This Was an Unfortunate Distraction and Has Been Addressed’

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TOPSHOT - US President Donald Trump greets talk show host Sean Hannity at a Make America Great Again rally in Cape Girardeau, Missouri on November 5, 2018. (Photo by Jim WATSON / AFP) (Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Fox News and its staffers on Tuesday condemned Sean Hannity and Jeanine Pirro’s appearance and participation at President Donald Trump’s rally in Missouri Monday night.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Fox said the network does not “condone” Hannity and Pirro’s presence at the event and that the optics of it have been a “distraction.”

“Fox News does not condone any talent participating in campaign events. We have an extraordinary team of journalists helming our coverage tonight and we are extremely proud of their work. This was an unfortunate distraction and has been addressed.”

The person declined to comment on how Fox addressed the situation internally, if at all. Fox staffers, however, are not happy about what their high-powered colleagues did.

“People throughout the company think a new line was crossed,” one employee anonymously told CNN Business.

“It disturbs me to my core,” another said. “I am so f—ing mad.”

A third Fox employee said they “never expected” to see Hannity and Pirro joining Trump on stage.

“We were all told that Hannity was going to interview the president, but no one that I spoke with expected what happened last night,” they said. “I’m aghast as are a number of other people.”

Others expressed dismay over management’s lack of disciplinary action.

“The whole thing is just so embarrassing that this guy basically has free rein to do whatever he wants, and management is either helpless or uninterested in doing anything about it,” said one Fox News employee.

Hannity’s behavior “continues to make the task of the news side all that much harder,” complained another.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Hannity defended his actions, saying his impromptu remarks were unplanned and that he essentially got swept up in the moment.

“What I said in my tweet yesterday was 100% truthful,” Hannity wrote. “When the POTUS invited me on stage to give a few remarks last night, I was surprised, yet honored by the president’s request. This was NOT planned.”

“To be clear,” Hannity continued in a second tweet, “I was not referring to my journalist colleagues at FOX News in those remarks. They do amazing work day in and day out in a fair and balanced way and it is an honor to work with such great professionals.”

On social media, people were not surprised at the stunt, and are skeptical that Fox truly believes Hannity and Pirro made a mistake.

Hannity’s show is one of Fox’s biggest moneymakers.

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