POLL: Fox News Poll Finds That Donald Trump’s Disapproval Rating Has Risen to 56 Percent, One Point Away from Record Low


A new Fox News poll found President Donald Trump’s disapproval rating surging in the wake of two mass shootings, bungled ICE raids, and petty tweets.

According to the survey, taken from August 11-13, the president’s disapproval rating is now at 56%, just one point shy of his all-time high disapproval rating in the same survey in 2017. The current rating is up five points from the same poll from July.

At the same time, his approval rating has dropped 3 points since July to 43%, which represents a net decline of 8% in just a month.

What’s more, a record number of white men, 46%, disapprove of the president’s performance. White men comprise one of the president’s most reliable demographics.

Independents find Trump’s performance lacking at a record number as well (64%).


The results come less than a month after Trump took to Twitter to rail against Fox News for its July polling results, leading many to believe he would rather Fox report false results that paint him in a favorable light.

Trump has yet to comment on the August poll.

Some are hopeful that Americans might finally be awakening to the chaos of the Trump era.

On the other hand, many were flummoxed as to how Trump’s approval rating was still at 43%.




The results aren’t limited to Fox News polling either. Another one of the president’s favorite polling firms, Rasmussen, found the president’s approval index plummeting as well.


There’s a long way to go before the fateful November night next year, but that also means plenty of room for more Trumpian gaffes and—judging by the past two and a half years—little chance for redemption.

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