WATCH: Family of Ducks Crosses Onto White House Grounds, People Joke That They Will Be Separated

They walked right into that one.

Days after Mother’s day, CNN White House correspondent and professional thorn in the Trump administration’s side, Jim Acosta, spotted one mother duck sauntering onto the White House grounds with her ducklings eagerly following.

Check out this adorable family below.

Once people had gotten the aw’s out of their systems, the commentary soon took a dark turn.

As you may have noticed, the duck family crossed a fence to enter the grounds, and many jokingly lamented that the family would be separated, alluding to President Donald Trump’s revolting family separation policy.

While the ducks getting separated may be a joke, Trump’s family separation policy is no laughing matter. The bungled effort by the administration has left untold children unaccounted for.

Many families have yet to be reunited.

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