PHOTO: ‘Fake Melania’ Conspiracy Theory is Revived in Photos of First Lady Melania Trump


It’s well-documented that President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump aren’t as publicly affectionate as their predecessors.

A 2017 conspiracy theory that Melania Trump employs a stand-in was resurrected online again today, spurring from a photograph of the President holding hands with the First Lady while the two visited the graves of those who perished in the recent tornadoes that plagued Eastern Alabama.

Possibly due to odd lighting or changes in makeup, the First Lady, well, she doesn’t look like herself.

The same phenomenon occurred when the couple arrived in West Palm Beach later that day.

Some seemed genuinely convinced—or found it disturbingly plausible—that the First Lady was actually a stand-in, whom they quickly dubbed Fake Melania.

Some noted a resemblance between the First Lady and her secret service agent.

But others had a different reaction.

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