Facts and Questions after a Deadly Shooting in California: What We Know So Far.

Digest: [NYTimes; Yahoo News; NPR]

Note: This story will be updated as information is released.

***A family assistance hotline has been established for persons who believe a family member may have been killed or injured in the attack: (800) 637-6653.***

After yesterday’s deadly attacks in San Bernadino, California, that took the lives of 14 people, two suspects are dead and many questions remain unanswered. Here’s what we know so far:

Where and When?

The attack began yesterday at about 11:00 AM at the Inland Regional Center, a non-profit organization that provides services for individuals with intellectual disabilities. The IRC, which has 670 staff members, does not appear to have been the target of the attack. Instead, the target appears to have been a holiday party that was taking place in the IRC’s conference center. The conference center had been rented out by the San Bernardino County Health Department for their annual holiday party.


14 people were killed. Another 17 were wounded, and some of those injured are in critical condition. Their names have not yet been released. A police officer was injured in the shootout that occurred afterward, but his injuries are not reported to be critical.

Police report that the two primary suspects in the shooting were subdued after a dramatic firefight in a suburban neighborhood. Both have been killed. Police have

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