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People Can't Stop Roasting Eric Trump for His Cryptic Tweet About 'Disloyal People' and for Good Reason

He walked right into it.

People Can't Stop Roasting Eric Trump for His Cryptic Tweet About 'Disloyal People' and for Good Reason
Donald Trump addresses the crowd as his son Eric Trump looks on during a campaign rally at the Sharonville Convention Center July 6, 2016, in Cincinnati, Ohio. (Photo by John Sommers II/Getty Images)

Thursday night, from Manhattan, President Donald Trump's second of three sons took to Twitter to make a complaint.

I truly hate disloyal people"

Eric Trump, 34-year-old Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization, failed to explain who or what he spoke of in his tweet.

While his father addressed loyalty in recent days—after one of the people President Trump gave a coveted $179,000 per year position at the White House released a tell-all book and disclosed making secret recordings of events at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue—the younger Trump remains relatively unscathed from most of what happens in Washington DC.

So what brought this Twitter post to fruition?

While the President's second son never did clarify, the Twittersphere, being what it is, happily filled in the blanks.

And who is the most disloyal person in Eric Trump's life according to Twitter? It all came back to the same name over and over: Donald Trump Sr., his father.

Most pointed out his father's problems with remaining loyal to his marriage vows.

A few people pointed out that his father was not the only one with issues of loyalty to the marriage bond in the following tweets.

His brother Donald Trump Jr.—currently going through a divorce with his wife of 12 years and the mother of his own five children—faced accusations of infidelity as well.

Some pointed out, just in case the First (second) Son referred to those who exposed his father's words or actions, that telling the truth does not equal disloyalty.

While some brought up the legal troubles of the Eric Trump Foundation and the Trump Foundation—their charities facing multiple allegations of financial impropriety—or the overall legal issues that plagued the Trump Organization for decades and pending allegations against the Trump campaign and administration.

While some pointed to the middle Trump son's own alleged loyalty or character failings.

And some were just... mean.

Twitter user "wade humber" summed it up best.


he walked right into that one"