PHOTO: Eddie Scarry Shares Photo of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Claims ‘That Jacket and Coat Don’t Look Like a Girl Who Struggles’

When it came to criticizing Scarry, there was a lot to unpack: The creepy picture, the ridiculousness of the tweet, the outfit in Scarry’s profile picture, and more.

Others shared stories of how they afforded their own professional outfits that defied assumptions like Scarry’s.

The amount of replies condemning Scarry soon became so overwhelming, people were only replying “for the ratio.”

Unfortunately, Scarry has demonstrated the same lack of self awareness that led to this tweet in his subsequent replies.

He later deleted the tweet before amending it with a spin that left Twitter reeling:

While Scarry may not have learned anything, he did demonstrate something important. When it comes to rising stars like Ocasio-Cortez, Scarry and other Republicans are scared.

UPDATE: This post was updated from its original form to include the screenshot of the deleted tweet as well as Scarry’s response.

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