READ: Congressman Earl Blumenauer Says He Plans ‘to Skip a Speech That Will Be Filled With Lies, Deception and Divisiveness’


Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-R) announced his intention to skip President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address over the president’s cavalier dishonesty, racism, and toxically divisive rhetoric.

Blumenauer torched Trump’s reckless governance in a scathing tweet Monday afternoon.

“The amount of damage, division and confusion Trump has inflicted on the American people over the last six weeks (and two years) has intentionally hamstrung our work in Congress,” Blumenauer wrote. “I refuse to be witness to his continued antics tomorrow night at the State of the Union address.”

It was not Blumenauer’s first time skipping Trump’s SOTU address, as he made clear in his statement:

The Congressmen’s decision is getting substantial positive feedback on social media.

Some are split on whether they want to listen or watch, as this would give Trump what he loves most… good ratings.

People are making it clear they are tired of being lied to and are encouraging a full boycott of Trump’s speech.

In fact, Blumenauer is one of four Democratic Representatives who are boycotting Tuesday’s speech.

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