Reporter Just Shared a Picture of the White House Basement Flooding and the Jokes Came Pouring In

@EamonJavers/Twitter // @MrNCE/Twitter

Eamon Javers, a Washington correspondent for CNBC covering the Trump White House, shared an image on Twitter Monday morning. The photo showed flooding in the White House basement.

The image showed cubicles and desk chairs on a carpet with a spreading pool of water.

Javers captioned the image:

"It’s official: The White House basement is flooding."

In a later update, Javers notified Twitter:

"Update: swamp draining in progress. WH leaks appear contained. Press pool dry."

Then in a further update, the CNBC correspondent added:

"Update 2: WH staffers now looking for the source of the leak." well as:

"That hole is really deep. There’s a ladder for people to climb way down below the surface."

People could not resist making jokes about a Trump White House plagued by leaks and mired in a swamp.

People had questions about the very long tunnel under the White House.

Some wondered if a recent event's funding could have been better used to fight the White House flooding.

Some thought perhaps the wet spot was not the result of the heavy rains or a water leak.

Others offered visual aids to the discussion.

But some people thought it might be a sign.

The flooding is likely the result of heavy rapid rainfall that caused flash floods throughout Washington DC.

If you'd like to take a stab at draining the swamp, the card game DRAIN THE SWAMP is available here.



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