READ: David Duke Suggests He Might Sue Donald Trump If He Doesn’t Deliver on the Promises He Made to White Nationalists

Oh boy.

This isn’t the first time someone made the connection between the president’s message and that of white supremacists. It’s a criticism that lead to questions about Trump’s potential relationship with Duke during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Trump denied knowing who Duke is. When told the former Klan leader endorsed him, Trump repudiated the endorsement during an interview only because it “would make you feel better.”

The president is not the first member of his family with potential ties to the KKK. His father attended a rally in New York and was arrested there. It is unknown if Trump the elder joined the white supremacist organization.

Meanwhile, Duke praises and cautions Trump in equal measure on his Twitter feed. The president earned high praise from Duke for his defense of the white nationalists’ deadly rally in Charlottesville.

However he also takes Trump to task frequently for not living up to what Duke considers their shared agenda, complete with often racist or antisemitic memes.

Response to Duke’s claim he will sue Trump if he fails to keep his promises was immediate, but not all of it was negative.

No official response from the president or the White House was made as of Tuesday morning.

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