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POLL: Fox News Is a Trusted TV News Source for 87% of Americans, Second Only to the BBC

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Fox & Friends hosts Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt, and Brian Kilmeade during an erratic interview with President Donald Trump (Credit: Fox News)

The study found that only 29 percent of Americans trusted Donald Trump, however Fox News and the president have routinely had a symbiotic relationship.

In addition to Trump and Hannity’s private conversations, the president also gave Hannity the first interview on his Helsinki summit last month–a summit many deemed disastrous, though Hannity went fairly easy on him.

Hannity isn’t the only one whom the President favors at Fox News. In an infamous interview this past April, the president called into Fox & Friends on the first lady’s birthday. The hosts sat by, confused, as Trump made rambling statements like:

Nobody has done what I’ve been able to do, and I did it despite the fact that I have a phony cloud over my head that doesn’t exist. It was what the Democrats used to try and make an excuse for their loss of an election.

While the majority of Americans may not trust the president, he’s routinely gained the endorsement of Fox News. It’s not surprising, since both are seen by much of the public as peddlers of lies and misleading statements. It’s unclear though whether their special relationship will benefit both parties or one day be their mutual undoing.

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